Saturday, February 19, 2011

Supreme 90 Day: Legs & Turbo Fire 30

Today's workout was really great and necessary. I started the day off so slugglishly, but as soon as I started working out, my spirits lifted and all was good.  I did two back-to-back sessions, totaling a little over an hour.  I started with the Supreme 90 Day Legs workout. Man oh was really good!  The workout is short, full of lunges, and my legs got a really solid workout.  I'd like to squeeze this one in twice a week. We will see depending on how the other circuits go.  I did Turbo Fire 30 right afterwards.  It so hard because I was tired.  My legs were shaking and recovering from the weighted leg workout :-) I gave the best that I could, but there were times when my punches and kicks were less than stellar. I'm just proud of myself for working hard and getting it done!

After the workout, I treated myself to some much desired starchy carbohydrates.  I won't get many of those again until next Saturday.  I had a large salad with light dressing, spaghetti with crushed tomatoes, and 3oz of grilled chicken.

I'm starting to feel like an athlete again.....

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