Monday, February 21, 2011

Starting off Strong Monday!

So far, today's workouts are going very well. I feel good, albeit a little sore.  I decided to do a HIIT workout today, immediately followed by legs.  It was a good session - a definite sweat fest! My morning workout consisted of the following:
  • TF: HIIT 20
  • S90D: Legs
  • Foam Rolling/Stretching (15 mins)
The HIIT workout was intense and short (as it should be). I gave my best for each work interval and sucked wind during the active rest periods :-).  I like the HIIT 20 workout. It seems just long and intense enough. I was fearful of doing the leg workout right afterward since it moves so quickly. However, I did much better with it today than on Saturday since I knew what to expect. It still moved fast (and my HR was up there), but I made it through. I did skip the warm-up since I was already warm. I used heavier weights today (15# and 30#). My form on the Bulgarian Split Squats improved. I used my BOSU today instead of the stability ball. I've always struggled with doing BSS correctly.  I have a really hard time because I can't flex the top of my foot onto the target surface (bench, stability ball, etc). I also forget how close or far away I should be from the elevated surface to perform the exercise correctly. I'll keep working on it.  I don't think I've ever been able to get it right, but practice will get me closer :-).  Next time I do this workout, I think that I'm going to use my TRX for the 'triple heater' (hip bridge & hamstring curl) instead of the stability ball. I am very happy that I perservered and made it through! 

I'll focus on clean eating throughout today and prepare mentally for my evening workout, after I'm done working. Tonight I have some cardio planned. I'll report back when I'm finished.....

Foam Rolling
I tried foam rolling last night for the first time, and it was fantastic!  Last night I tried to focus on my neck, lower back, and shoulders.  I even contemplated sleeping with my foam roller under my neck to continue stretching :-D. After this morning's workout, I did more of a full body session since my muscles were warm and loose, which was great. I noticed that my teres minor is very tight and sore on both sides.  I recall my massage therapist discovering how tight that area is/was about a year ago. I'll definitely be stretching and rolling that area delicately throughout the week.  I am very happy that I decided to take the plunge with the foam rolling. Self Myfofascial Release is an excellent daily treatment for muscular and joint health. I'm definitely a believer now!  It will also help keep things pliable in between massage appointments.

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