Friday, February 18, 2011

Supreme 90 Day: Chest & Back

I found myself time constrained for the majority of this week. Today was no exception. I didn't train on Wed or Thursday. So, instead of skipping my workout today, I decided to use Supreme 90 Day for my Chest & Back workout since it's a shorter workout. I didn't feel like spending a full hour on P90X.  Anyway, S90D: Chest & Back packs a huge punch in about 30 minutes! When I was finished, I kept thinking "THAT'S how I like to perform strength circuits!" I was pleasantly surprised!

The workout consisted of a thorough warm-up, followed by 4 chest/back circuits. Each circuit consisted of a chest exercise immediately followed by a back exercise. Each exercise was performed for 12-15 reps. The objective was to complete 3 rounds of each circuit with minimal rest in between. The exercisers in the DVD were moving very quickly. I just focused on moving at my own pace. I didn't want to compromise my personal safety. The workout concluded with a relaxing stretch. The body of the workout was about 30 minutes for me (since I paused it a few times to finish my reps and sets), so I was finished with the whole thing in about 40 minutes.

I'd planned to do the Shoulders & Arms workout in the evening, but I decided against it. I was kind of tired. Tomorrow I will try the Legs workout. I still can't believe that I got that entire series for about $15 (from bed, bath & beyond with their 20% off coupon -- can we say bargin?!?). 

Edited on Sat, 2/19 to add:
I'm surprised that I have some DOMS from this workout. I am actually quite sore in my interior chest (from the dumbbell uppercuts) and my lats are also sore (all in a good way, of course).  That being said, some good stretching is definitely in order later today.

I really want to get a foam roller and try that out. I have this knot in my lower back that's been there for a few weeks. In addition, my neck/shoulders are always tight from sitting at the computer all day. So, I think that foam rolling might be a good way to work out some of the kinks (along with stretching, of course). When I meet my program mini-goal, I'll treat myself to a much needed, long overdue sports massage (maybe even 2 hours worth)!!!

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