Sunday, February 27, 2011

Work Week Took Over....

Man, last week was a total bust. My days and many a' late night were consumed with work (which is a good thing).  I struggled to balance my fitness duties...and failed miserably at fitting any of it in.  So, let's chalk it up as a rest week. 

Time to start fresh this week. I'll hit some circuits and cardio tomorrow.
I'm also changing my routine to an at least 4-day per week kettlebell focus, but still including my circuits and cardio. However, my frequency of the latter two will decrease.  I really miss my bells, and it's time to start swingin' them to get ready for summer!  I haven't used my kettlebells consistently for about a year now. I miss the benefits that they bring my heart, mind, and body. So, I'm going to work on 'rediscovering' them for the next 60-75 days. Since I'm still not working with personal training clients, training for a show, or teaching/coaching regularly, this is the first time that I'll actually be able to use them at the planned frequency without the worry or risk of overtraining. I want to couple it with a super clean diet to see what results I can bring about.

For those who don't know, this is what my motivation is, seel the clip below.  I haven't had (nor wanted) a new kettlebell DVD for a very long time...until this came along :-)   

Bring on SKOGG...

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