Sunday, January 03, 2010

28-Day Challenge Participants & Goals

I'm using this thread in my blog to allow those who want to join me for the 28-day challenge to chime in. Use this thread to outline your goals for the 28-days. I'll create a new post each day where you can add a comment to record your results.

FitGirl-ATX's Goals
Here are my goals for the challenge:

  1. Complete the challenge! One of the most difficult parts of this challenge for me is the actual time period. The closest I've come to completing 28 days straight is 20 days, non-consecutively. My goal is to improve that record, with the ideal goal being to complete all 28 days.
  2. I want to exclusively use the 24kg for reps on my swings by week 4.
  3. I want to exclusively use the 16kg for reps on my snatches by week 4.
  4. I (selfishly) want to lose some size in my hips and reduce body fat. I don't expect miracles, so I won't put a number on it at this time. I just want it to have some noticeable change take place :-)
Who's in?
I've invited a few friends to join in this journey with me. Some have modified the challenge to just the swing portion, in which the time limit is 10:00. Here's a list so far; we're off to a strong start!!
  • FitGirl-ATX (myself)
  • Minnesota Mel
  • Suzie-Q
  • Mippachan
  • Corinney

Anyone is allowed to join us. Post your goals and daily progress, and join us for the journey!! If you want details about the challenge, click here.

**Disclaimer: If you choose to participate in this challenge, you are doing so voluntarily at your own risk. I will not be held liable for any injury or mishap that may occur. Also, make sure that you know how to properly swing and snatch a kettlebell before attempting this challenge. Lastly, make sure that you have clearance from a physician prior to starting this or any exercise program. **


Mippa said...

My goal for this year, seeing as it's my first time:

1.I have no excuses, I gotta do this every day! Barring any sort of injury, I expect to do this challenge for 28 days, even if it means taking my 'bell with me!

2. I have a 20lb bell which is a little less than I am used to snatching, but I've never done it with such high reps before, but this is what is most likely appropriate, at least starting out.

3.I would like to move up to the 16kg kettlebell towards the latter portion of this challenge. Maybe by Week 3 or 4?

4.Like FitGirl, I want to see some noticable difference in my middle and lower parts. ;) Especially since I plan on doing lots of snatches!

5. Try to keep callouses as reduced as possible. ;)

Fitgirl-ATX said...

Hi Mippa,
I'm so glad that you've decided to join in on the challenge. You are definitely ready for it! Just protect those hands :-) High rep training takes you to a new level with your KB training & technique. Here are a few comments to keep you going:
1. You are doing the right thing by sticking with your 20lb bell for the snatches. You're capable of doing more, but rep training has a slightly different approach than what we've been doing in the gym. You can progress upward once you get the feel of doing those high rep snatches. You can certainly increase the bell size for your swings; you're more than ready for that.
2. I appreciate your dedication and heart - true Mippa fashion :-)
3. Remember to warm up & cool down properly, and get some good stretching in.

I'm looking forward to seeing you post your progess on the blog!