Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 3 Results

Day 3 - Tues, Jan 5, 2010
Well, I have a confession. I didn't finish the challenge today. I didn't even start it today for a couple of reasons :-(

  1. My body was exhausted after spin class tonight. I was working on other things, and my original plan was to get my workout in before spin class. That didn't happen, so I was going to have to do it afterwards. I was exhausted after class, and thought that maybe I'd be able to hack it after some dinner...no go..am tired, achy, and it's not gonna happen today
  2. my hands are still pretty tender made me hesitant to try today....
  3. I've also been kind of down today and mentally/emotionally drained....

At any rate, I'll try it again tomorrow.

hopefully y'all had better luck than I did today ;-)

Tomorrow is a new day!


Melissa D. Johnson said...

Day three I didn't make it either. Not because I didn't want to, but:

1. I was at work from 7-3:30pm.

2. Right after that, Billy and I went directly to sign our apartment lease papers.

3. Came home, showered and cleaned up for an outing with our friends.

4. Came home at 1am.

>.< But skipping Saturday made Sunday all the stronger! Stay tuned...

Fitgirl-ATX said...

Fully understand, Mippa! Glad to see that you came back with a vengence on day #4 :-) Well done!