Thursday, January 07, 2010

Day 5 Results

Day 5 - Thurs, Jan 7, 2010
Well, today was a strong day! I started my day off feeling really lethargic and fatigued. However, I took a nap before spin class and caught my 2nd wind! Due to the UT/Alabama BCS game, there was only 1 person in spin class tonight, so I had a chance to ride also. My lone participant was a friend, so we actually had a nice time talking and riding. I considered that my 40-minute warmup :-) I completed the daily challenge when I got home and watched the game during the process. Anyway, on to today's challenge results....

Snatches: Due to my hands, I once again decided to do my snatches before swings, performing them in the same fashion as yesterday - 50 reps on the right, followed by 50 reps on my left. I started on my right side today because my left hand callus/blister was very tender. I actually wound up covering my calluses with tape and using the palm catch technique; both helped a great deal today! I was able to do my snatches in reps of 10. I'd once again allocated 20 minutes to complete my snatches, and I beat that tonight. I wrapped up snatches just under 15 mins using the 12kg. I concentrated on getting the bell up with the hip snap, and then smoothly using the catch method to release the bell. I came easier on my right side than my left. I'll have to keep working on this. I'll be curious to see how it will work with the 16kg bell next week.

Swings: I used the 16kg for my swings tonight. For some reason, the swings tonight were really tough for me, moreso mentally than physically. They seemed to drag on and on. I was trying to complete the entire challenge with 8:00 left on the clock, but I kept putting the bell down to rest, stretch, & protect my hands. I really wanted to focus on really feeling the swing tonight - the hip snap, the tight, engaged glutes & quads, and feeling the floor with my feet. I had a pretty steady pace, and deliberately took rests after every 20 reps or so.

All in all, tonight was a really good challenge experience! I still feel great...spin class before hand really put me in good spirits!

How did you make out today?


Mippa said...

Man, my hands were so sore after day 5 - moving up in weight really made a difference though!

I didn't get any additional snatches done. I think I will do them first tonight just to get them outta the way. How did you do after I left?

Fitgirl-ATX said...

Hiya Mippa,
I also did not get any additional snatches in last night (day 9 for me). I've found that doing my snatches first is the only way for me to guarantee that I'll get them done. I actually gave myself a hand treatment last night and smoothed down my calluses. I still have a blister tear that is kind of sensitive on my hand. I'll see how I make out tonight. Until my hands heal, I am considering dropping down to doing 30-mins of swings 5 days/week and focusing on just snatches for 2 days/week to see if that works better for me. The swings felt GREAT with the 24kg! I wish I had a 28kg to move up to, but it's not in the budget right now :-)
Have a great day!