Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Day 4 Results

Day 4 - Wed, Jan 6, 2010
Today is a new day, and my hands are feeling much better. I'm heading to the gym now to get this thang started...I'll report back in about an hour or so.

Until then, make it a great one!!

So, I completed the challenge today in 31:00 flat. I actually did the 100 snatches first (12kg), followed by the 200 swings (16kg).

Snatches: I used the sock sleeve today, and I simply did 50 reps on the left, followed by 50 reps on the right. I budgeted 20 minutes to accomplish this task. It really took me 23 minutes. My hands were still bothering me, but I was able to muster through safely. I kept some Corn Husker's lotion close by. I did my snatches 5-10 reps at a time, then took a break. I used the 12kg today for snatches.

Swings: I was able to do the swings bare hands. The cool metal actually felt refreshing after the snatches. Anyway, I finished the 200 swings in 8 minutes, taking short breaks along the way. I used the 16kg and did 50, 30, 20, 30, 20, 20, 20, 10.

I hope that you all have success today in completing the challenge! Remember, just give it your best shot (whatever that means for today) and keep moving upward from there :-)


Melissa D. Johnson said...

I did my swings before snatches, since I knew the snatches would kill my hands.

I did bare-hands, swings first - in intervals of 50.

Then snatches, 20 each side, then 15 each side until goal was reached. I'm feeling really good about it! My hands are a little sore, but I'm proud I did it gloveless!

I did this after an hour of cardio and some thigh-work on weight machines at the gym.

I'm nervous about how this will work with a PT session. I think I'll do it before-hand just so I don't wuss out. ;)

Fitgirl-ATX said...

Hey Mippachan,
Well done!!!! sounds like you did a fantastic job! As for your PT sessions, we will reserve the last 10 minutes for swings so that you & Sue can do those together. You can either stay afterwards to finish up the snatches (maybe we can do it together??). Just don't feel rushed or compelled to get it all in before your training sessions. The snatches are actually a great way to finish up the workout :-)
See you tomorrow!