Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 9 Results

Day 9: Mon, Jan 11, 2010
Tonight was a good, strong workout. I did a short 20 minute circuit prior to Mippa & Suzie-Q arriving. I was pretty active with them tonight during their circuit. We did our swings together at the end of their session. I used the 20kg for 50 reps and the 24kg for 150 reps. Everyone stepped up their kettlebell weight, and I think that we were fine tuning the "right tool for the job" concept.

My hands were still killer after swings. I only got 5 snatches in per side before calling it quits. I might try it again later tonight to get to at least 25 snatches/side total. (ETA: didn't happen - I gave myself a hand treatment instead)

Suzie-Q, Mippa, & Corinney did great today!! How did day 8 turn out for you? Remember to take care of those hands! File, moisturize, and protect them!

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Melissa D. Johnson said...

Day 9 was skipped as well. Spent the evening moving electronics in the rain. Not fun.