Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Another good 'un...

We put our clients at the Underground thorough the following workout tonight. It was leg intense and cardio inspired.  Lift as heavy as you can, with good form, for the desired number of reps.  Remember that we do have space available in a few upcoming small groups. If you're interested, check us out:


Circuit 1 (2x)
SM Squat x 15
DB Walking Lunges (8-10 steps per direction) - try for 2-4 times
KB Swings x 30
Jump rope x 0:45 seconds

Circuit 2 (2x)
DB Squat & Shoulder Press x 12-15
TRX Squat & Bicep Curl x 12-15
TRX Squat & Row x 12-15
Jump Rope x 1:00

Circuit 3 (2x)
TRX Row x 12-15
TRX Overhead Tricep Press x 12-15
Stability Ball DB Chest Press x 12-15
Stability Ball DB Bicep Hammer Curl x 12-15

Finisher (3x)
Complete 3 Rounds, 0:30/exercise. Rest 0:30 in between rounds
KB Swings
Mountain Climbers

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