Friday, March 18, 2011

Skogg: Interval Level 1

This week has been pretty draining for me.  I've had long days and nights, and had clients every night this week. I also had graduate school class two nights this week for over 3 hours per session (we usually only meet once).  I know that I somewhat overdid it because I slept in until 10AM today (and I still feel tired). 
Long story short, my own workouts were somewhat pushed to the side this week.  However, I still had plenty of activity through coaching my clients, especially since they are still new, I have to demonstrate alot of movements for them (which is great), and I even did some of the workout with them to keep them encouraged. 

Anyway, tonight I decided to do a light workout.  I choose Skogg Intervals Level 1 with a 12kg bell.  It felt great!  The workout got my heart rate up, but didn't leave me feeling overly taxed. This is a good thing b/c I have clients tomorrow morning for a 2-hour kettlebell lesson, so I'll need my energy.  I also really enjoyed the warm-up.  I tacked on a few turkish getups at the end of the workout, just to balance things out a bit.

Now, it's time to enjoy a lovely dinner, and then get prepared for the morning!

Have a great weekend. Spring is officially here in 3 days!

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