Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Awesome Workout!

Tonight's workout was outstanding!  I did a whole body strength circuit, with lots of heavy swings thrown in there.  I put in work on the 24kg bell, which felt fantastic!  I did a circuit, and it took me about 40 minutes to complete, including warm-up, cool down, and an unplanned interruption.

Warm-up: 3:00 rowing machine followed by swings @ 16kg
I didn't time my swings, but I did about 2 mins worth, alternating between 2H, 1H, and H2H.  My grip was still a little sensistive.  I wanted to do some snatches, but decided against it.

Circuit 1 - Chest: (2x)
Flat Bench Press - Smith Machine @ (Bar + 10/side) x 12
Incline Bench Press - Smith Machine @ (Bar + 10/side) x 12
DB Chest Flys @ 15# DB's x 15
TRX Chest Press x 15
*No rest in between exercises, 1:00 rest at the end of each round*

Circuit 2a - Legs: (2x)
24kg Swings x 30
Smith Machine Squats (Bar + 17.5/side) x 12
*Took 0:30 break in between round*

Circuit 2b - Legs: (1x)
Front/Back DB Lunges @ 15# DB's x 12 total
Lateral DB Lunges with reach @ 15# DB's x 12/side
*Took about 5:00 rest in between exercises, as someone came to the door and messed up my flow!*

Circuit 3 - Back: (2x)
TRX Low Row x 12
KB 1-Arm Row @ 16kg x 12/side

Complete 3 timed rounds:
Jump Rope (0:30 seconds)
24kg Swings (0:30 seconds)

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