Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MB45 Essentials - Workout 1

Tonight I did Marcus Martinez's MB45 Essentials workout 1.  This was my first workout in about a week, as I've been sick. I still wasn't at 100% today, but I really wanted to get some activity in.  The workout was GREAT!  It was relatively short (around 30 mins), but well sequenced and moved quickly.  I enjoyed the entire thing, and I'm looking forward to doing some of the other workouts on the DVD.  It's a great value for the price. You get 2 DVDS - one is instructional and the other contains 5 workouts: 2 beginner workouts and 3 follow-along workouts of increasing intensity.

I heard that Marcus is releasing a second volume of this DVD series targeted towards the more advanced exerciser. I'm looking forward to it!  I'll post more details as they become known.

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