Monday, March 21, 2011

Skogg + Circuits

Activity Report: I was able to squeeze my workout in after my clients tonight.  I did Skogg Intervals L1 and added a few KB circuits that I used in class tonight. I decided to do Intervals L1 again because I liked the workout, it was short, and I wanted to increase my weight to 16kg.  I felt strong, especially after having gotten adequate rest yesterday/last night.

Here's the breakdown of what I did (note: my legs felt really great after the workout!):

Warm-up: 2:30 TGU @ 12kg followed by Skogg Scorpion Warm-up

Skogg Interval 1 @ 16kg
Rest 0:30
Skogg Interval 2 @ 12kg  - the high pull is finally starting to feel more comfortable. I'll try it with 16kg later this week.
Rest 0:30
Skogg Interval 3 @ 16kg
Rest 0:30

2:00 Swing Circuit from class @ 16kg
Rest 0:30
2:00 Squat & Press/1H Swing Circuit from class @ 12kg
Rest 0:30
2:00 Squat & Kick/Lunge & Press Circuit from class @ 12kg
Rest 0:30

Stretch & Cool Down

Nutrition Report: My eating today was actually pretty good, and I consumed all of my water.  I ran out of time before my clients, so I had to split up my (salad with flax oil) and (3oz ground sirloin/couscous) into 2 separate meals.  But, the cravings were down, and I felt satisfied with each meal.  I wasn't super hungry at breakfast, so I skipped the oatmeal today.  I'll probably need it tomorrow though.  Anyway, so far, so good :-)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I haven't planned my workout just yet, as I'm not sure if I'll have clients in the evening. I do plan to do either a kettlebell workout or a circuit workout.  Wednesday will be cardio day and a rest day from kettlebells.


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