Saturday, March 26, 2011

Couple of Sick Days this week...

Man, this week was so crazy busy!

Not to mention that I got sick to top it all off. I was out of commission Thursday, Friday, and I'm still not feeling 100% today.  I've been conked out on medication, and I'm listening to my body and giving it the rest that it needs. I actually had an upper respiratory infection, laryngitis, sore throat, fever, and chills. It hit all of a sudden from out of the blue on Thursday evening around 6PM.  A friend took me to the urgent care doctor, and I got some much needed medication.

That being said, this week was pretty much a wash for me. I'm going to try starting the clock again next week.  I got a few workouts in this week, but not as much as I'd planned or wanted.

Anyway, hope everyone is healthy & happy.  I'm off to continue resting....


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