Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!

I was traveling for most of the latter part of last week, so I didn't get my planned workouts in.  I was tied up with school, work, and getting ready for my trips.  It was a productive trip AND I had a chance to hang out with one of my closest girlfriends (yah Mippa!!).  So, it was time well spent :-).  I got home late Saturday night, and I used yesterday (Sunday) as a full day of rest. I was exhausted from all of the driving.  Anyway, today I was finally rested and got a great workout in. I also pulled out my dragging sled and did a few drills.  I completely forgot how effective that piece of equipment is!

Anyway, here was tonight's workout; took me about 35-40 mins:
Circuit 1 (2x)
Flat Bench Press with 25# DB's x 15
KB Squats @ 16kg x 15
DB Flyes 20# on Stability Ball x 15
Front/Lateral Lunges w/ 20# DBs x 5/side

Circuit 2 (1x)
Seated Military Press with 20# DBs x 15
Seated DB OH Tricep Extension w/ 25# DB x 15

Circuit 3 (1x)
BW Prisoner Squats x 25
Alt Front Lunge x 25
Treadmill x 8:00
KB Swings @ 16kg x 25
TRX Rows x 25
Push-Ups x 25
SB Crunches x 25

Sled Dragging @ 25#

Happy Memorial Day to all of our U.S. Military!!  Thank you for keeping us safe!!

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Mippa said...

It was so awesome to see you! I took Will to Chez-Zee last weekend and I gnoshed on that awesome omelette again! They had this amazing dessert too with lavender and honey and BLUEBERRIES!!!

I miss you so much! I need to make a trip to Plano at some point so I can check out your awesome new gym! I'm so jealous!

BTW, please share that awesome kettlebell workout! :D