Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Inspired...

I've commented a few times about how inspired I feel every time that I watch this season of the Biggest Loser.  I've only actively and consistently watched 2 very recent seasons (season 10 and season 12), which are both the Couples version of the show.  I really like the comraderie and the genuine good nature of the teams on these two casts. Anyway, I think that the women on this season have done an incredible job with their weight loss, especially Irene.  I thought she was such a beautiful woman (inside & outside) before her weight loss, and she looks absolutely amazing now!  I especially love to see the transformation emotionally that the contestants have. I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be to psychologically change as quickly as the body has physically changed. That's probably a much more lengthy process.  I'm always excited to see the finale, though I do think that they don't spend enough time on the winner at the end. It's like the live show is crunched for time and they go "okay, the winner is ...blah..." end of show...LOL.

I say all of this because these people lose hundreds of pounds in the span of 4-5 short months, and then even more for the finale.  I gain inspiration because my desired weight loss of 35 pounds is no where near as much of an obstacle as what they've gone through. If they can do it, then so can I.  I sometimes use the show as my benchmark...like weighing in each week and competing against them in my own way.  I know it's silly, but I'm like if so-and-so lost 8 pounds this week, then why can't I?  HAAA :-)  I do realize that it is TV and their "weeks" may not be exactly 7 days, but the point is that it's kind of fun to try to keep up (even though I fell behind in my losses long ago - lol).  I get frustrated with my progress. I am actually still at a plateau, and am working hard to get through it.  I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel and accepting that this must be my new reality. Then, I see how they've changed, and I realize that it is most certainly NOT the end of the road and giving up is NOT an option.  Changing the game and getting more focused on my goal is the ONLY option. 

Hold steadfast to those goals, people. Keep progressing toward them every day, no matter how many plateaus or roadblocks that you face.  It can be done, and you will be so much stronger for having weathered the journey.  When you feel sad or frustrated, think about how far you've come and celebrate that progress. It helps making the next step much easier.  Lastly, try to enjoy the journey and try not to put undue pressure or stress on yourself.  I never understood what the phrase "be kind to yourself" really meant or how impactful it can be on your personal progress until I actually started to live those words.

Good night, all..... :-)


Mippa said...

I thought I must've been the only person who did this with The Biggest Loser. I love the show so much, it's such a source of encouragement for me! It reminds me of all the great times I've had with you and Sue and Corrine and Melissa through it all!

I never thought of "weighing in" every Tuesday with the contestants, that's such a great idea! I really wish it wasn't on hiatus during the summer. Luckily Will's been wanting Hulu Plus so I might go back on past seasons to see how that goes!

What inspires you during the summer? I remember when I first started to work out heavily in college it was MTV's "Battle of the Sexes vs. Road Rules" or something like that - it seems like competition is good for keeping me active, as long as I'm not at stake!

Fitgirl-ATX said...

Mippa: I sooo hope that you get the Hulu Plus. If you do, make sure to check out season 10. I absolutely fell in love with that cast, particularly Sunshine & her father, O'neil, as well as cousins Sam & Koli. I loved their energy and spirit.

In the summer, I really just get inspired by being able to go outside and practice being my own athlete. I think about movies like Rocky and Girlfight, and they inspire me to train hard - OUTSIDE! One summer I practically lived at the track every Saturday and Sunday. I looked forward to it each and every week. I'd take my kettlebell and sometimes other toys and just kick my own a$$ in the hot Texas sun. I have yet to recreate that same drive & enthusiasm for myself. I enjoyed the scenery outside at the middle school where I trained, and I thought of it as my own little oasis. When I needed extra inspiration, I'd put on "GI Jane" or "Girlfight" and make myself train on the elliptical. My goal was to train for the entire movie..lol. I'm seriously trying to put together the webcast thing so we can workout virtually. THAT would be awesome!!

Hugs, girl! I miss you gals so much and our magical moments in the gym. Proves just how special y'all are :-)

Love ya,