Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Look Like a Sweaty Water Bottle...

Tonight's Bikes & Bells Class was another good one!  The humidity was pretty high and the temperature outside was about 95 degrees. The gym was hot and sauna-like, just the way I prefer it.  I was full of energy and ready to rock it out tonight!  We kept class very simple, but it was a really good time.  This week was our designated recovery week, so we tried to keep our session relatively simple and short.  We worked for about 50 mins and had 15 mins of well-deserved stretching. 

The funniest comment of the night was when my client said that I looked like a sweaty water bottle.  We laughed sooo hard!!  I love it!  I was retaining a ton of water, so the perspiration defintiely helped. I actually lost 5.5 pounds during the workout - HA!


Cheers folks!  Sweat it out!!

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