Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

Gosh, it has been an absolutely beautiful weekend! Yesterday, I did shoulder & arms - P90X style. I also went downtown to Lance Armstrong's bike shop (Mellow Johnny's) to purchase and install a bike computer. My next investment will be a trunk rack for my car b/c I'm getting tired of loading my bike in and out of my trunk, but I'll give it a few weeks before I do that.

I've also been busily shopping and preparing food for my Punch Nutrition diet. It always is an adjustment following a new diet plan, but this one has been pretty smooth. I really want to ride my bike today, so I am going to go out a little later this afternoon. It will be mad hot outside, but I just want to get out there, feel the sun on me and the wind in my face. Today is a cardio-only day, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to hit a flat road loop, and will strive to complete 7-10 miles.

I actually waited too late to ride and also got a flat tire; so I was able to put in 5.54 miles in about 25 mins. I was on a real road today, conquering new territory :-). I almost fell again, though, trying to unclip at a stop ontop of a hill. I recovered, though - LOL. Once I patch my tire, I plan to ride in the Austin Cycling Association tour of downtown & picnic this Saturday. It should be fun!

Have a lovely day!

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