Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday morning Bootcamp

We decided to host a free bootcamp session this morning. We didn't advertise it well; mostly we were just planning to do our own workout and thought we should open it up to others. Jay invited some of his co-workers, but they didn't show up. So, it wound up being Jay, me, and my best friend. We had a BLAST!! Worked out for about 2 hours and FINALLY used the PROWLER!!! ow ow ow :-)

We did a mix of football drills, cone drills, medicine ball tosses, sprints, rope work, prowler work, and conditioning stations. We used the prowler as the finisher. Here are a couple of pictures and a video of us getting the job D-O-N-E!! We met some people at the end of the session who wanted to use the prowler. WE invited them out to the next workout.

Rope pulls & undulations

Prowler Sprints

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Jennifer said...

That sled looks like some serious bittersweet fun. But I can't get the rope video to run...