Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chest, Back, & Softball

Yesterday I worked chest & back with Jerry at lunch time, then played softball in the evening. I made a game saving catch out in left field, but I did get hit with the ball later in the game pretty darn hard. there's a nice shiner of a bruise on the front of my lower leg, and it is quite painful. The one thing Jerry said to me was "Yes, you can play softball, but don't get hurt!"...and what do I do?? LOL. I should be okay in a few days, though. Our team ultimately lost the game, but we had alot of fun anyway!

What are you plans for this beautiful Saturday? I was going to go on the bike ride of DT Austin, but I'm not sure if my bruised leg will last then entire 2 hours. In addition, I didn't make it to the bike shop yesterday for a tune up and tire inspection, as I ran over something sharp in the road when I was out last Sunday; my tires also felt a little flat then, so I wanted to get them pumped up before the ride. Oh well. I plan to stop by there this morning when they open and then get a short ride before my 1PM massage appt. I decided to go to the massage school - 90 minute massage for $25!! I know they are students, but could be a way to help get these kinks worked out more regularly.

Have a great day!!

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