Friday, August 01, 2008

Friend for Punch

Gosh, I totally forgot to mention that I finally have a friend for Punch :-) I brought home a beautiful, 12-week old Yorkie puppy, whom we named "Max." He is doing well, and I love him so much already. We are working on house breaking him, but he already came to us knowing how to use the potty pads. He is very sweet and friendly, all 2.9 pounds of him - LOL! I'll post pictures later.

Tonight I went to the Veloway with one of my best friends from home. She is here on business. We went on a nice bike ride and then went to Whole Foods for some shopping (I had to get some things on my Punch Nutrition list). Anyway, it's great to have a little piece of home here. She is definitely my close friend for life. Tomorrow I might take her to Bikram Yoga after work, and then we'll get massages.

Hope that you're having a great day!

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