Saturday, August 09, 2008

New Art of Strength Products have arrived!

There are a couple of new AoS products that arrived this week, which I have been anticipating for some time. I just wanted to share the news for those who weren't yet aware. I am of fan of ALL AoS products, and they never, ever disappoint. I can't wait to get the Santa Monica DVD and post about my adventures; same with the Ropes Gone Wild DVD. Head over to the AOS Store to take a look. Here are the 2 that I am most anxious about, and ladies, the new Diva Bell has been unleashed. I am sooo pumped for the pre-sale of the latest AoS follow-along DVD - AoS Santa Monica. I bought it immediately. Here is a glorious description of what is to come:

Art of Strength: Santa Monica DVD

All new DVD from AOS pre-order now. The day is almost at hand, the much anticipated release of Art of Strengths latest training DVD. Entitled Art of Strength Santa Monica, it was shot, as the name suggests, in Santa Monica, California at the famed and fitness mecca Muscle Beach.

Mixing traditional kettlebell routines with Art of Strength’s new Authentic Strength workouts this DVD is a definite can’t miss. Using everything from kettlebells, to Bulldog Dumbbells and Barbells to Ropes Gone Wild this DVD has everything you could ever want. So you don’t have our barbells and dumbbells? Well don’t worry, each exercise offers alternate versions with traditional kettlebell routines in their place.

This DVD is completely programmable allowing you to select the level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) as well as the amount of rest between sets.

Shipping in mid September, this DVD includes a bonus disc featuring Ropes Gone Wild stepping you through all the basic routines with heart pumping cardio blasting workouts.

So you get a fully programmable DVD from the leader in kettlebell training focusing on kettlebell training and Authentic Fitness with the bonus disc containing all the Ropes Gone Wild routines and workouts!!

Not sure what Authentic Fitness is? Authentic Fitness is a style of training that brings “fit” back to fitness. When looking fit and being fit was one in the same. First introduced in our articles “What Have We Done Wrong”, Authentic Fitness brings back many of the forgotten lifts and routines of old and focuses on making your body fit as a complete entity. There is a pre-order price discount, so make sure to check out the AOS Online Store for more details!

Ropes Gone Wild DVD

In addition, the Ropes Gone Wild Tutorial DVD is finally here --- whoohooo! After long last the new Ropes Gone Wild DVD has arrived. Shot on location at Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach bringing revolutionary “authentic” fitness back to its birthplace. This training DVD will teach you everything you need to know to become proficient with our Ropes Gone Wild brand of exercise. Learn how it feels to have your heart rate reach near maximum in under 60 seconds. This DVD is a can’t miss for anyone interested in alternative forms of cardio. check out the AOS Online Store for more details! This DVD is currently shipped free with any RGW purchase.

The DIVA Bell

Not only is the Diva Bell "pretty in pink," purchasing one also helps benefit the fight against breast cancer. A portion of each Diva Bell sale will be donated to the fight against breast cancer research.

The Diva Bells have been a staple at our Art of Strength/Punch Kettlebell Gym headquarters. Used as our very own R&D center, our patrons have come accustomed to seeing new products moving in and out of the facility but never has one garnered more attention and accolades than the Diva Bell. What we thought would become a favorite of a few of the female clientele has turned into a must have for my entire female client base.

So what makes it such a sought after kettlebell? First of all, it's loadable. Like its predecessor, the Bulldog Kettlebell, you choose the weight you want it to have. Starting at 7 pounds empty the loadable kettlebell will reach a max weight of 22 pounds when fully loaded with steel shot, giving the user plenty of freedom to vary their workouts without having to purchase multiple kettlebells. Comparing the Diva to its predecessor one of the first thing's you'll notice is one of its greatest advantages; its smaller size. With a diameter of only 6" (as opposed the its 8" diameter brother) the bell lends itself perfectly to the smaller frame of a female. Many of our female patrons felt its bigger brother, the Bulldog Kettlebell, was a bit too cumbersome for them to use effectively during their workouts - the Diva's smaller design fixed all that.

I know what you're thinking, why the name Diva - it doesn't exactly fit with our standard nomenclature, with products such as The Bulldog Kettlebell, Bandit's Loop and Outlaw Ropes to name a few. Well, we were searching for a name that conveyed strength and perseverance as well as toughness without losing the feminine connotation that we were looking for. Diva came to mind and made perfect sense. Translated from Italian, Diva means goddess and at its origins was usually reserved for those women with rare and outstanding talents. I don't think I'd be wrong in saying that most of you women out there felt you contained some kind of rare and outstanding talent as a kettlebell athlete. A sport that at first appearances seems to be geared more towards males than females. I know that not to be true as most of my more fit and dedicated clients all seem to be females - but that's a separate matter entirely.

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