Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Gym Items for Sale

We have a few items that are available for sale. All of these items were for personal use only and not used within the gym setting. Please let us know if you're interested. For the most part, we're looking for local sales only. The bandit loops could be shipped.
1) Art of Strength 1.5" Diameter Bandit Loops - $140.I've only used these once in a year, and I'd rather sell them now to add a few other items to my gym. I also have an extra pair of straps, which means this puppy should last you forever, even if you are a trainer using this with clients. These retail for $179.95 plus shipping at and $209 plus shipping at They are essentially in brand new condition. These loops are really high quality and would be a nice addition to the home gym designed for functional fitness, crossfit gyms, garage gyms, etc. Check out videos of bandit loops in action at:
2) Women's Oxide Elite Size 9 Roller Blades - $25 (lightly used)
3) Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack - $100 (like new condition, only used twice)
4) Troy Mega Lightweight Strength Training System - 65 lbs of rubber enclosed weights & barbell - $65. This is the same barbell set used in many of Cathe Friedrich's DVD series. Since we've upgraded to mostly Olympic weights, we don't use this much any more. Great price, great product.

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