Monday, April 13, 2009

A Walk in the Park - Not Really...

Okay, so the weather was pretty nice today, and I wanted to soak up some of the sun. Sooo, I decided to go for a walk after my last client. I was only supposed to do 30 minutes, but wound up doing 60..not by choice..but yes, I got LOST walking in the neighborhoods surrounding mine. I usually ride my bike over these routes, so I figured it would be okay. Well, on foot, I totally lost my sense of direction. My feet were hurting after 30 minutes. I just had to stop and laugh at myself. Not only did I get lost, but by the time I got turned around in the right direction, I remembered that my phone (which I had on me) had GPS. Too funny!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself in least I had a good workout and a good smile!

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