Friday, April 03, 2009

Raw Foods Detox

So, I've been detoxing and cleansing my body for 1 week. I've been starting each day with a green smoothie or green lemonade, and I've been keeping my diet "raw til dinner". I wanted to revisit some of the techniques that I learned at OHI, while still incorporating some cooked food into my diet. I recently finished reading Natalia Rose's "The Raw Food Detox Diet," which was great, as it advocates detoxification without being a 100% raw foodist.

I totally forgot I was detoxing, and noticed myself being really tired this week, sleeping even more than usual, getting hot flashes, and feeling pretty weak during my workouts. Then it dawned on are DETOXING! LOL!! Suffice it to say, my workouts this week have been pretty short (about 25-30 mins), and I've taken a few days off. My body is feeling pretty good, and (strange as it may sound) I am enjoying the detox process.

I've been working on my rowing machine this week, and I finally ordered a new console for it. When I bought it off of Craigslist last year, the original owner mentioned that the console had been destroyed by battery acid. I was able to get a refurbished console for $80 from Concept 2 (they have some of the best customer service I've ever experienced). My new console will arrive today.

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