Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

Well, today started off really cold, but the afternoon is turning out to be quite gorgeous! I went to the farmer's market to pick up some beautiful, locally grown kale & swiss chard for my green smoothies. I wanted to get some organic ground bison, but they were all out....I'll have to go to Whole Foods to get some later. Downtown was just lovely. I'd wished that I had my bike in the car to do some cycling.

As for today's workout, I'm not quite sure. I know I want to do something. I might take my bike down to the Veloway and then do some TRX work...I haven't decided yet. Right now, I'm a little tired and a nap is sounding really good :-) I'll update later with what I finally decided to do.
**edited to say:** well, my nap lasted longer than I'd anticipated, and I wound up not doing a workout today. My plan will be to do some TRX & rowing after church on Sunday morning.**

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