Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 22: Getting back in focus...

As I mentioned last week, I tore up my hands and had to back off of my kettlebell workouts.  I also hurt my wrist last Saturday when I was filling my Wavemaster with water and sand. I took some sand from my 50lb sandbag and used it to help fill the Wavemaster.  Well, the filler bag (with 50 pounds of sand) fell on my wrist.  It's been twingy all week. 

Anyway, my hands at least seem healed enough to resume L2 workouts again, so that will be my emphasis this week.  I'll take it easy with snatches and such to make sure my wrist is protected.  I also stopped by Academy on Friday night and got some new gloves. I tried using football gloves with full finger coverage, but they seemed to catch and generate friction to make my torn hands worse.  I found some Bionic Women's gloves at Academy.  They're kind of tight, but I wanted to see if they would help.  My friend, Lisa Shaffer, recommended them a while back so I decided to give them a try. They are pricer than what I like to spend on gloves, but if they help me get back into training faster and safer, then they'll be worth the investment IMO.

Focus for this week: I noticed that last week, I stopped planning and advance prep of my meals, so my nutrition is lagging behind.  My emphasis and focus this week will be on getting structure and routine back. I'll have a couple of time consuming events this week, so planning will be more imperative than ever.  I really want to do better about having my meals ready in advance. I do so much better about staying on track when I have them ready to go.  From an exercise point of view, I want to get 3-4 Skogg workouts in this week, along with cardio at least 5 out of 7 days this week.

Anyway, I'm off to grab breakfast, plan today's meals, and start cleaning the gym.. Yesterday's delivery was cancelled due to bad weather, and we will try again today.  While I am glad that they'll be coming today, it does mean that I'll be rushed this afternoon to get the gym back in order for my evening clients. It will be hectic for sure, so I better eat my Wheaties today!

I'll post back later....

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