Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day 6: Definitely sore...but it's a beautiful day!

As I expected, I woke up with sore spots in my neck and shoulders, where those trigger points were activated during the massage last night -- which is a good thing for me!  I am happy about that because I finally got some relief.  I do still feel relaxed, and I slept well.  This morning I lounged in bed for a little while, and then I made a protein drink. I added a little ginseng to see if it'd give me an energy boost; I'm feeling sluggish. My energy is DRAINED due to mother nature

Anyway, as also expected, today is a BEAUTIFUL day, and I want to PLAY!  I'm so excited. I can't decide if I'm going to do my kettlebell work inside or outside.  I'm considering going to the track and doing Providence or Newport like I used to. That was my Saturday ritual during the summer of 2006.  I'd go to the track, do a kettlebell workout of some kind, and add in other metabolic drills..and sweat it out for an hour or so.  Those were the days when my kettlebell training was at its peak.  I want to get that back..and it's coming back slowly with the help of my regular use of the Skogg System.  There's nothing like the feeling of the sun warming my muscles and taking in the fresh air.  I also definitely want to get out on my bike for a ride.

I'll post back later with my activity report and review of Challenge Day 6.

Exercise Component
I was moved to go outside and workout today. So, I packed up my bells, a mat, and my Sony Wireless MP3 player and went out to the track.  I did the first 7 rounds of AOS Providence, and I did round 1-3 twice. So, I essentially did 10 rounds total.  My warmup consisted of 100 swings @ 16kg followed by 2 rounds of flow intervals performing cleans, presses, windmills, high pulls, and snatches with the 12kg (5 reps per exercise).  It was a great workout and took me about 45 minutes to the whole thing.  Later on I still hope to ride my bike and do another short KB workout.  Later in the day, I was even able to get out for a short bike ride (about 20 mins or so).  It was so windy that I cut my ride short.  Even still, it was such a lovely day.

Nutrition Component
Well, my day started off according to plan.  It is strange, though, I wasn't able to eat all of my food for each meal; I'm not quite sure why.  However, tonight for my dinner meal, I fell off track.  I ate bread with my shrimp-topped salad AND 2 cookies for dessert.  Once again, failing to plan, leads to a failed effort.....I accept full responsibility and will do a better job of staying on course tomorrow.

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