Monday, April 04, 2011

So Excited - I have a friend who will join me for the challenge!

I am soooo excited!!  I approched my friend Hoff about joining me as my workout partner for the 60-day challenge, and she accepted!!  We will start working out together after tax season (she's an accountant), around April 16th or so.  We have very similar fitness backgrounds and are seasoned recreational kettlebell lifters.  Hoff started her diet (one very similar to mine) 2 weeks ago, so she is ahead of me there.  We are going to strive to get our 4 workout days in together and push each other through this challenge.  So, my overall challenge will probably be around 75-90 days total.  I am so excited and glad that Hoff agreed to partner up with me. I KNOW that we are going to get great results and really rock this thing out!  Can't wait to get started, girl!  I'll use the next 10-11 days as my incubator period, and then we will get super agressive once we partner up.

See you soon, Hoff!

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