Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mission Ridiculous: 1000 swings & 1000 step-ups

Today I had a really tough time getting motivated. I had such an awesome Ch/Sh/Tri workout yesterday that I was really amped when I woke up to do Kenpo X. I tried to motivate myself all day, had periods of being indecisive, and I let the entire day pass by. Well, I sat down to watch The Biggest Loser (live instead of afterwards on demand). I couldn't just sit there while the contestants worked towards their goals. So, I made up a workout to perform while watching TV. It was pretty AWESOME. I'm really proud of myself. I set a lofty goal and almost made it. I wanted to do 500 kettlebell swings and 1000 stepups. Then, I decided to set the bar really high and see if I could do 1000 swings and 1000 stepups. I used my Gymboss and set up my rounds as follows:

Timed Round
2:00 swings
2:00 step-ups
2:00 rest

1000 swings was a lofty goal. I stopped at 10 rounds (40 minutes of work). I accomplished a total of 603 kettlebell swings @ 16kg and 1264 step ups. For the majority of the rounds, I did 2H swings, but there were a few where I focused on 1H swings. I had 3 risers on each side of my bench. I varied my stepups to traditional stepping (basic right/left), straddles, and runs. My last round of stepups was 0:30 seconds of straddle runs as fast as I could go, 10 pop squats, and another 0:30 seconds of straddle runs as fast as I could go. This was an awesome workout!!! Give it a shot if you have a step and a kettlebell.

I can say that after a day of doubting myself, I officially BROUGHT IT. (In the words of Jennifer Hudson on the Weight Watchers commercial) "I'm feelin' gooooooddddd". (BTW - my triceps are having some major DOMS - again - from yesterday's Chest/Shoulder/Tricep workout....I love it!)

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