Thursday, January 06, 2011

Starting P90X Rotation

I've tried numerous P90X rotations over the years, and the longest I've lasted is 2 weeks. I really do enjoy the workouts, though. YogaX is by far the most difficult for me due to the time commitment. I have alot of great dvds in my exercise library, and I plan to use them more consistently. So, I'm re-committing to doing a p90x (doubles) rotation. i think that for me this will be the best of both worlds. I'll follow the core P90x program, but will still add in some other things to keep progressing with multiple goals. For instance, i'm adding in a 2nd day of legs/week, 1 kettlebell workout per week, and 1 full body circuit. I'm also going to incorporate P90X+ workouts when i get bored/lose focus/need a change from the core program dvds. I'm actually pretty pumped up about it!

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