Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3: P90X Recap

Well, try as I may, I found so may ways to 'do my workout later', that I wound up just taking the day off from training.  I was actually pretty sore from my workouts on Thursday & Friday. Katami really worked me hard in that bootcamp workout, as did the modifications that I made to Back & Biceps. Not to mention, for some reason my calves were really sore today!  I think it may be from wearing my Vibram Five Fingers during that bootcamp workout.  I love those things, but my feet are still getting used to them since I use them so infrequently.

Anyway, I just counted today as a rest day and will make up Legs & Back next week during recovery week. For some reason, I have a dred factor about Legs & Back. Once I get into it, I think it's okay, but I have a hard time getting motivated to do that one.

Recap Fitgirl-ATX's Week 3 Results
Sunday, 1/16: OFF
Monday, 1/17: P90X - Chest/Sh/Tri + 10 mins rowing
Tuesday, 1/18: Fitgirl's 1000 swings & 1000 Step-ups Challenge. The actual workout consisted of timed rounds. I completed 10 rounds with a total of 603 swings, 1264 step-ups plus a burn-out set. Each Timed Rounds consisted of: 2:00 KB Swings @ 16kg; 2:00 Step-ups; 2:00 rest. I gave the details of how I did this in my post from Tuesday, so I won't repeat myself here.
Wednesday, 1/19: OFF
Thursday, 1/20: 10 mins P90X+ Kenpo Cardio+ & Paul Katami Hollywood Bootcamp. I actually did the full bootcamp workout. I used 12# DB's for all weighted exercises except iron cross. I used 3# and 5# for iron cross). I love this workout!!!
Friday, 1/21: P90X: Back & Biceps, 1/2 of ARX
Saturday, 1/22: OFF

Also, I did post my Gcal workout calendar at the bottom of the blog.  I personally like to see it broken down on a monthly view.

I'm excited to start week 4.  It's recovery week. I'll use it to take a break from the P90X weight-centric workouts and will focus on cardio endurance, full-body circuits, and stretching.  I also plan to try some of the P90X+ workouts this week.  I'm looking forward to it.  I really want to increase my cardio frequency during the scheduled 'recovery' weeks as well, but I will still enjoy at least 1 full day off from training. We'll see how this goes...

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Tytbody said...

loved coming to see your progress. I can tell by your website you are rocking it.. I love the colors and I love YOUR gym. Nice photos of people there. You've inspired me to get up and boogie today.