Monday, January 17, 2011

P90X: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Well, today I really felt strong and brought it!  I don't know why I punked out so badly on this workout last week...well, actually I do -- I was majorly fatigued/zonked from 'female time'.  Anyway, today I redeemed myself :-D.  I felt strong and finished the whole workout. I even increased some of my weights on the harder shoulder exercises to 12 # dumbbells and still completed my high rep range.  My shoulder endurance is really awful, which is funny considering how much shoulder muscle mass I actually have. Anyway, so I was proud of myself during today's workout. I also used my TRX for all of the push-up moves. I loved the 1-arm push-ups..doing those on the TRX is really killer. 

I wrapped up with 10 minutes on the rower.

Today was a great day. 

Remember MLK....

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