Saturday, January 08, 2011

P90X Rotation: Week 1 Results

I started a rotation on Sunday, Jan 2. So far, so good...but boy, am I sore (let's me know that I'm training right)! I'm focusing more on the 12-15 rep range, as I have enough muscle mass and don't particularly need to add more at this stage. I'm doing a self-designed doubles rotation.  Anyone who knows me knows that morning workouts are a challenge for me. However, this time around, I'm not stressing about getting them done early in the morning, and have found a time slot that works for me. I've been feeling really good about getting a major part of my workout done in the morning.  The evening workout also gives me something to look forward to, particularly since they are usually some form of short cardio. 

Here are my P90X Week 1 Results:

Sun, 1/2/11:
AM - P90X: Core Synergistics
PM - Interval Cardio (15 mins on elliptical, 16 mins on treadmill)

Mon, 1/3/11:
AM - P90X: Ch, Sh, Tri (note: I used my TRX for many of the push-up movements...I loved it!)
PM - Treadmill incline walking (31 mins)
Tues, 1/4/11:
AM - P90X: Legs & Back (note: I used my TRX to do variations of rows for back movements....Loved it!!)
PM - Katami Ab Lab (10 mins), 15 mins elliptical, 15 mins spinner bike
Wed, 1/5/11:
AM - Art of Strength Fire Power (Rounds 1-4, General Alarm) - note: I had to go much lighter than usual..My triceps, shoulders, and back are sore. I used double 9kg kettlebells for this workout. I usually use 12kg and 16kg for this workout.
PM - 3 mile walk
I had planned to do YogaX today, but didn't get to it.
Thurs, 1/6/11:
AM - 1.5 mile walk
PM - did half of P90X: Kenpo X, which I loved! I then did a 3 mile brisk walk. I'd originally planned to do my 2nd leg workout today along with Kenpo X.  However, the weather was so nice that I couldn't resist going outside and taking advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures.  I also took 2 breaks during the work day to take mini walk breaks.
I felt great today.  I thought about doing another workout  before bed, but I felt it best to rest today.
Fri, 1/7/11:
AM - P90X: Back & Biceps (fun workout! - I'm going to be so sore tomorrow - LOL) and core section of Susan Chung's POW Rapid Fire DVD. Now, let's see if I can squeeze in a brisk walk and a short leg workout later this evening...
Planned PM - Cathe STS Legs, Cathe Core Max 2 (stability ball) moved ab workout to the morning, tacked on to the end of back & biceps
Actual PM - "Fitgirl's 30-Minute Fat Scorcher Workout"
Complete as many rounds as possible of 2:00 elliptical; 1:00 KB swings; and 1:00 TRX Squats in 30 minutes.
  • Wheww this was definitely a scorcher! I completed 5 and 1/3 rounds in 30 mins.  I liked this workout, and it doubled for cardio and legs :-)!
  • KB Swings: I started off the first 2 rounds with 12kg kettlebell swings, and then moved to 16kg for rounds 3-5. Once I made that adjustment, my heartrate went through the roof.
  • TRX squats: I mixed them up with jump squats, alternating side squats with hops, and traditional TRX squats.   
Sat, 1/8/11:
Despite some unplanned time delays, I still managed to get my workouts in for today! 
PM: 10 min brisk walk + 35 mins interval cardio on elliptical (pushed hard!) + 15 mins P90X: X Stretch
Before Bed: Finished P90X: X Stretch workout

All-in-all, I am very pleased with how this week turned out.  I also dropped 7.2 pounds, which is fantastic. My diet started off a bit imbalanced, but once I fully started eating clean, the proper amounts, and fixed my meal timing, things all settled into place.  I'm following the typical pre-contest diet of primarily protein, fibrous carbs, and good fats.  We will see if progress continues moving forward. I'm trying not to celebrate prematurely. I also do not want to become a slave to the scale.  I'm considering not weighing in again until this first 4-week phase of P90X is over.
I'm looking forward to next week to see how the workouts feel the 2nd time through.  I'll work on my schedule and get it posted.


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